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Emir Yeşil grew up listening to a large variety of music genres ranging from heavy metal to soul and pop music to funk. From the age of 16 onwards, he started a lot of bands and has been performing on stage regularly. During this time he also learned to play guitar, keyboard and drums.

Whilst studying music at university he worked with Iskender Paydas and acquired a broad understanding of sound engineering and what it takes to be a professional studio vocalist. In the year 2006 Emir joined the band Dolapdere Big Gang as the lead singer. The first album remained number 1 in the charts for over 8 consecutive weeks. All together they released 3 successful albums and played over 350 concerts in turkey as well as all over the world. Through this, Emir gained a great reputation in the music business and was the frontman in concert events for big companies like Coca Cola, Microsoft, Belvedere Vodka, Hürriyet, Petrol Ofisi Air, Efes, the International Press Institute and the Fenerbahce football team. The biggest concerts abroad were played in Italy, Germany, Russia, France, Cyprus, Azerbaijan, Morocco, South Africa, Australia and Japan.

Being part of a project band that only covers well known hits (with a Turkish twist) did not give Emir the chance to express his own vision and feeling of music completely. Touring the world he got to see a lot of different countries and cultures which helped inspire him and strengthened his desire to start a solo career. In 2010 he got in contact with the very talented songwriter/composer David Flynn from the UK. Listening to his songs Emir felt an instant connection to them and made the decision to work with David. A great partnership developed and the album ‘Back Home’ was put together.